Have you considered what would happen if you were subject to an IRD audit? Would you be able to fund the additional accounting costs associated with such a process?

Accounting Insurance Audit Shield Each year we offer our clients the option to purchase Audit Shield Accountancy Insurance

For a small annual premium, Audit Shield can give you peace of mind. We have recently written to all clients with information about how to purchase accountancy insurance. If you would like more information please contact us today.

Audit Shield is offered by Accountancy Insurance - tax audit insurance specialists who assist over 1800 accounting firms throughout New Zealand and Australia. Established in 2003, Accountancy Insurance currently employ over 60 members of staff across both countries with each and every team member passionate about providing the market with a tax audit insurance product that is simple and effective - Audit Shield. The team at Accountancy Insurance has the depth of knowledge to ensure Audit Shield covers accounting firms and importantly, you, when it matters.