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Service Plans

At Paul Martin Chartered Accountant Limited we aim to provide advice when you need it, not just when you ask for it. We can help you manage every aspect of your business and personal financial affairs and tailor make a programme of services to fit your circumstances.

Prefer not to be charged by the hour? Looking for price certainty from your accountant?

When you sign up for one of our convenient service plans, you have the certainty of knowing what you are getting from the outset with your annual fees agreed upfront, then spread over the year via easy monthly repayments. Here are some service plans that you might like.


Just Compliance

Only need to see us once a year? This package covers the basics for financial statement preparation and tax compliance.

  • End of year accounts
  • Income tax returns
  • Face to face annual business review
  • Tax payment reminder service
  • Inland Revenue management
  • Regular newsletters
  • Invites to seminars
Basics Boosted

Ideal if you are a small or medium business wanting to focus on what you do best and leave your accounting to us.

Just Compliance Plus:

  • Accounting software
  • GST/FBT returns
  • Bi monthly business performance reports
  • Six monthly meetings
  • Unmetered phone & email support
Extra Boost

If you are serious about growth and want more regular advice and guidance for your small or medium sized business.

Basics Boosted Plus:

  • Online monthly transaction review
  • Quarterly business review - face to face or Skype
  • Annual tax plan
  • Regular updates and advice on tax and business issues 
Turbo Boost

The Virtual CFO - perfect if you recognise the importance of monthly business and financial reporting but don't have the internal resources.

Extra Boost Plus:

  • Monthly business performance reports
  • Monthly performance dashboard
  • Monthly business review – face to face or Skype
  • Annual profit and cash flow plan
  • Setting of annual KPIs
  • Annual risk review
  • Annual strategic review 

Add On Services

We offer the following add on services to make compliance with ACC, the Companies Act 1993 and Trustee Act 1956 as painless as possible for you:

ACC Administration

  • Check ACC invoices are correct
  • Check the ACC classification is correct and up to date
  • Check ACC Levy statements against ACC online
  • Deal with ACC enquires

Company Administration

  • Maintain registers of Directors and Shareholders
  • Prepare and maintain minutes and resolutions
  • File Annual Return
  • Update Companies Office details as required
  • Noting activity on PPSR

Trust Administration

  • Trust management
  • Prepare and maintain minutes and resolutions
  • Maintain registers of Trustees

Contact us for more information about these and other add on services


We use TRUST with all our clients to really make sure we're serving them well. And it's a process you can use right now to experience our firm for free.

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Cloud Accounting

Accounting software will provide the basic applications for accounting tasks, but packages designed for small office owners.

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