Buying a business, big or small, is one of the biggest decisions and financial transactions you might ever make. It is not as simple as buying a product or service. There are many things to consider, processes and procedures to undertake, and different financial and legal requirements to think about. So, whether you are a businessman or a budding entrepreneur, you need a comprehensive guide to follow to ensure a successful transaction.

With many years in the industry, we, at Paul Martin Chartered Accountant Limited, have encountered many different clients aspiring to engage in the buying and selling of businesses. As trusted business advisors and chartered accountants in Auckland, we have helped them with what they need to know every step of the way - from due diligence right through to successful business turnover.

As many people don't know where to start when first looking at a business purchase option, we are launching a blog series covering a range of things you need to know about buying a business.


The topics that will be discussed include: 

Starting the Process 

Start-Up Costs

Creating your Business Plan 

Creating your Marketing Plan 

Legislative Requirements 

Enhancing Business Survival 

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Keep in mind that buying a business is a huge business decision and it is important not to let your emotions override rational thinking. As your dedicated business advisor, we will provide you all the assistance and business advice you need to make this, and any business transactions, successful. To learn more about how we can help, call us (09) 576 4166 or request an appointment online.