Think you don't have time to take a holiday? Holidays are vital for tired, stressed business owners. Not only is the habit of taking regular holidays linked to reduced mortality and lower incidence of heart disease, but holidays have myriad benefits.

Going away with friends and loved ones, or taking solo time out is great for your mental health, reducing risk of depression and also alleviating stress. Extra sunshine helps boost Vitamin D and a few hours' extra sleep helps our well-being in general.

Holidays also allow more time to bond with family and make exercise fun. Go for walks on the beach, a city walking tour, hiking and tramping or playing backyard cricket.

Depending on your destination, you are likely to expand your mind also. All that botany, marine biology, history and culture leave little room to stress out about the banalities of the office. And there is the added benefit of keeping your mind challenged and taking your family members on a voyage of discovery.