The concept of green business is nothing new. As the world embraces cloud based software and aims to reduce carbon emissions, it's time to get on board - whether you're motivated by minimising costs, attracting energy conscious customers or making a difference.

According to the EECA (Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority) most businesses can reduce their carbon footprint and save at least 20% of their energy costs. It's estimated that 10% can be saved through simple no/low cost actions (with a payback of 12 months or less) and a further 10% with some investment and a longer payback of 1 - 5 years.

Nominate an energy saving leader who'll oversee the development of a meaningful plan and its implementation. Remember it's best to make several changes at once.... you'll notice a real difference and happily monitor your on-going success. Being energy conscious should be a part of your business' daily decision making process.

For more information visit the EECA business website at You'll find some nifty tools and calculators to help you measure your existing footprint and the success/savings you'll achieve as you implement subtle changes in your business.