Do you geek out with website terminology or do you just want someone to make it go?  There are some common terms it's good to be familiar with. 

Html:  this stands for Hyper Text Markup Language.  Still no wiser?  Don't panic.  Your website's written in this language.  Most websites these days are user friendly and let you work on them without your having to dig into html at all.  But if there are some things you just can't make sit correctly, diving into the html to edit it directly may help.

Html commands sit between <> angle brackets (or 'chevrons').  The command at the opening of a web page is <html>.  The web page closes at the end of the text with a backslash added to the same command </html>.  All the formatting options to control how the text looks work the same way.  So if you want a specific phrase to be bolded in a paragraph where the rest of the text is plain, use the command for bold at the beginning of the phrase and close it at the end: <b>specific phrase</b>

If something's not working correctly for you, it may be because one of the brackets or a backslash is missing.