In our last post we talked about the power of the business plan and committing it to paper. This week we'll share a few quick pointers to help you get started with your planning:

1. Start thinking - you need to try and set time aside for this frequently. Thinking is your job in the business!

2. Get the team together - you don't have all the ideas but you can bring all the ideas to the table.

3. Brainstorm ideas - anything goes, then work through the list and pinpoint the most important ones to focus on.

4. Follow a business planning guide to make sure you cover all the relevant points - you can ask us about this or locate a comprehensive, practical book on the subject.

5. Set goals - you need to keep striving ahead and you need something by which to monitor business performance. If you don't reach your goals, find out why and get the business back on course.

6. Start writing - by committing your plans and goals to paper, you have set the course ahead. It's harder to deviate from a written plan than if the thoughts are a jumble in your head.

7. Make an action plan - give people tasks to have completed by an agreed time.

8. Review monthly, or regularly enough to monitor any deviations from the proposed course. It's fine if you choose to change tack later on but keep charting the course ahead and identify goals to work towards.

Please contact us if you would like help with any aspect of your business planning.