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Financial Forecasting

Poor cashflow is the number one reason businesses fail.

Cashflow planning is critical to the survival and growth of any business.

Financial Forecasting

We find our most successful clients set targets each year and monitor their results on a regular basis. This allows them to respond effectively to any changes and have control over their cashflow.

We'd like to help you to set, monitor and manage financial targets to improve your business' performance.

Financial Forecasting will provide you with a month by month breakdown of your projected income and expenses for a 12 month period as well as define financial targets for each month.

Upon acceptance of a proposal based on the objectives you want to achieve, you'll complete a detailed questionnaire and return this with any appropriate supporting documentation.

We'll then develop a draft forecast for you to review and meet with you to discuss the finer points.

Once finalised, you'll receive a copy of your Financial Forecast so that it can be loaded to your own accounting system.

Benefits of Financial Forecasting:

  • Peace of mind through having a better understanding of what drives your business
  • Identifies inconsistencies in trading and how much revenue you really need to achieve your targeted profits
  • Distinguishes between your monthly and annual business operation trends
  • Ensures you set aside enough for tax
  • Is often needed with finance applications
  • Be forewarned of potential cashflow challenges and creditor hassles
  • Helps you to avoid costs associated with late payment penalties, interest and lost discounts and the impact of poor supplier relationships
  • Monitor and evaluate your performance - to set goals and achieve targets
  • Provides direction and motivation for your Team, assisting the development and implementation of business strategies

Ideally a business should complete a Financial Forecast before every new financial year. However, any time is a good time if you are not currently monitoring your cashflow.

Call us to discuss how we can provide clarity around Financial Forecasting, and help you to better understand what drives your business.

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