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Real Estate Agents

It's a busy job being a Real Estate Agent, including weekend and evening work and being on-call around the clock. While you are busy matching the perfect houses with the perfect buyers, you need a professional business partner to take care of your accounting, tax and business affairs so you can focus on what you do best - selling houses and delighting your clients!

At Paul Martin Chartered Accountant Ltd, we work with many Real Estate Agents in Auckland and around New Zealand. We have a range of service plans available to meet your needs. In particular, our Basics Boosted package is popular with Real Estate Agents providing end of year accounts and tax returns, GST and FBT returns, tax payment reminder service and more! Putting it another way, we will take care of your compliance needs, proactively managing the various IRD deadlines and requirements throughout the year, so that you can focus on location, location location!

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We use TRUST with all our clients to really make sure we're serving them well. And it's a process you can use right now to experience our firm for free.

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Cloud Accounting

Accounting software will provide the basic applications for accounting tasks, but packages designed for small office owners.

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