Role of a Chartered AccountantMany people don't understand the roles of accountants versus bookkeepers versus Chartered Accountants as some of their daily tasks overlap. However, there are distinct differences that you need to consider when choosing your professional advisor.

Bookkeepers can call themselves accountants but this does not necessarily mean they are Chartered Accountants (or Certified Public Accountants in some countries). Bookkeepers are responsible for tracking and recording of business transactions. They are often called accounting clerks. Their main responsibility is to keep daily financial records accurate, complete and up to date. Being a bookkeeper only requires basic qualifications such as technical knowledge in bookkeeping, relevant bookkeeping experience and basic accounting skills.

On the other hand, accountants that are members of the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ) (or similar professional bodies offshore) need a higher level of tertiary education to be qualified. They usually have at least seven years of education and must undertake ongoing annual professional development to maintain their qualifications. Some accountants are not Chartered Accountants which means they do not need to undertake any particular ongoing professional development or meet certain minimum standards to remain up to date with the latest tax and business trends. 

Why choose a Chartered Accountant?

In today's competitive world, having a professional accountant is a must for every kind of business. Although it is possible to have an accountant who is not certified, they may not be the best advisor for your business.

A good Chartered Accountant can help your business thrive. Unlike a bookkeeper or non-Chartered Accountant, they are usually more knowledgeable in business financials and tax due to their ongoing professional development requirements and can help you with general financial and business management. Moreover, Chartered Accountants are bound by a code of ethics to ensure highest professional standards. They have rules to follow and a reputation to maintain. This provides you with an assurance that your business is in the very best hands.

Trusted business partner

Chartered Accountants should be your trusted business partners. They have the ability to analyse business data and see business insights, trends and the unique needs of your business. They recognise the changing demands of the market and understand the pressure of competition enabling them to find viable business and financial strategies and solutions that will work for your company. As they say, with ongoing changes in the business world you must either keep up or be left behind. With a good Chartered Accountant to provide you advice, you can take on multiple challenges and stay ahead.

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