Business PlanningA few decades back, it was a challenge for business owners to maximise their exposure and reach their target markets. These days, much has changed. With vast amounts of information and technology readily available almost anything is possible. Business owners can now reach their audience anywhere, anytime. The resources are there, you just need to choose the right strategies for your business. However, sometimes when your business is growing you have  less time to look at your business at a deeper level. Missing out on these essential business insights or becoming complacent with your existing business strategies can lead to problems. Before this happens, go over your business strategies and do some tidying up.

What are things that could happen to your business strategy that would require you to dust it off? Here are a few:

  1. Original plans didn't materialise as expected. The plans you initially made just didn't go through or you started with them but couldn't keep up with demands of time, effort and other things to be done. It happens. Sometimes your enthusiasm sky rockets only to be dragged down by an obstacle causing you to lose your focus and momentum.

  2. You are too focused on one element and  you overlook new trends and technologies. Nothing is constant, particularly when you are in the business world. There is always something new to discover, to test and see if it works for your company. With the ever changing world you need to recognise new business trends or you'll be left behind.

Here are some ways to clean your business strategy:
  1. Review your business strategy and take a closer look at your approach. Make sure that your business strategy is still aligned with your business goals.

  2. Audit your business strategy. Whether the strategy  is related to marketing or to the overall operations of your business, take time to review the resources, effort and time required. How much value are you getting with each strategy you are using? Evaluate the effectiveness of each strategy and how it contributes to your business growth.

  3. Remove or revise any strategies that are not working. If need be, come up with new strategies that are more applicable to your current business status. Think about your customers when developing new business strategies. Ensure that your strategic approach will improve the customer experience as well as your business processes.

  4. Review technologies you are using. Are these tools worth your investment or are you missing out on the best (and still affordable) tools available in the market? Take time to check the latest technology or tools available for your business. Choose the ones that could improve your business and can further help your strategic approach. Stay up to date to know what is changing in your industry and how your business can adapt to current business trends.

When developing business strategies, it is useful to ask advice from a Chartered Accountant to get valuable financial and business management insights. For more information about our tailored business and financial solutions call us on (09) 576 4166 or request an appointment online.